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      Suzhou New Star Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was funded in 1998 with specialization on pad print and screen print equipment manufacturing. In early 2000, the Company expanded R&D and Operation into adhesive dispensing application, and it remains as one of the core business competencies as of today. At 2015, the Company invested in both DFx fixture manufacturing and automation designengineering with the focus as solution provider for major consumer electronic products.  Our service operation covers from module/SMT to system FATP.   Area of application covers smart phone, tablet, VR headset, accessories, laptop and desktop products. 

       Our headquarter is located at No. 22 Yaonan Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, consists of a 7,000 sq. meter for office and 5,000 sq. meter for factory space.   Suzhou is our central operation base with satellite offices in major cities such as Kunshan, Shanghai, Tianjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shangdong and HuiZhou to support regional factory operations. In 2019, we established US affiliate located in the central hub of Silicon Valley with the major function as engineering and business hub to service our end customers.

        Our values proposition focus on quality, cost and engineering design accommodating to different business needs.  The consistency of our process control and equipment qualification procedure (FAT/SAT) are our operating principle.  We focus outgoing quality with our SPOR partners and control incoming quality in house.  New Star is your trusted system integrator in providing high-precision? manufacturing solutions for dispensing, printing, DFx and automation equipment.



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